Explosion (Yin Bao Zhe) (引爆者) - 2017 - Chang Zheng

Zhao Xudong is an explosive technician at a mine. One day there is an accident that results in the death of four of his coworkers. He decides to investigate the cause of the out of control explosion and is lead down a path of intrigue and violence.

Explosion (Yin Bao Zhe) (引爆者) is not an auspicious start to the directing career of Chang Zheng. There is very little that goes well in this movie. Yihong Duan is not likable as Xudong. The story is a steady stream of nonsensical action stitched together with dull character moments. Nothing feels based in any sort of reality. Worst of all, the cinematography reaches lows not often found in a commercially released work.  


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