My Week of 7/12 - 7/18

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Funny Games - 1997 - Michael Haneke

Media violence in an issue that occupies Michael Haneke's mind. All of his films use violence to get a desired reaction from the audience but, he clearly does not think that it should be used solely to entertain. Funny Games is hard to watch, not only do to the on screen subject matter but also because of what it says about the viewer.

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Funny Games - 2007 - Michael Haneke

Haneke is playing with the viewers throughout Funny Games. It is a shot for shot remake of his earlier film that casts the audience in the role of both the torturers and the family. He made this version to ask the same questions as the first one about why people gain pleasure from consuming mindless violence. There are very few differences between the two version but, the 2007 edition is having even less fun. I think that Haneke's point is even more valid today than it was twelve years age.


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