Our Time Will Come (明月幾時有) - 2017 - Ann Hui

Set against the backdrop of World War 2,  Ann Hui's Our Time Will Come (明月幾時有) tells the tale of  Fang Lan (Zhou Xun) a school teacher turned urban resistance fighter in Hong Kong. She helps a poet escape back to the mainland and is recruited to join the resistance. She ends up delivering medicines, carrying messages, ect. Her mother finds out what she is doing and tries to talk her out of it for a few minutes before an attitude turn to being completely supportive. Her mother ends up getting involved herself later on. 

Being an historically based war movie, there are deaths of several of the heroes along the way. There is also a framing device of an interview with one of the kids that help the resistance groups, a former student of Fang. 

Zhou Xun is very good in the lead, Joe Hisaishi's score is pleasant but a bit overly triumphal at times. The narrative is  deliberately paced but maintains the tension throughout. There is very little distractingly bad CGI.  

Release on 1 July (the 20th anniversary of the handover) in China, there is a definite pro-mainland propaganda reading if that is what you are looking for. Alternatively it could be seen as a pro free Hong Kong piece as it lionizes those that fought outside invaders.    


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