Summer of Darkness Week 6 7/6 - 7/12

Follow Me Quietly - 1949 - Richard Fleischer
A serial killer calling himself "The Judge" only murders his victims when it rains. Lt. Harry Grant is leading the investigation, bhile also dealing with a Ms. Ann Gorman a writer for a tabloid magazine.
Fast paced mix of police procedural and romance. Not enough time devoted to either plot to really make an impact.

A Woman's Secret - 1949 - Nicholas Ray
Susan Caldwell (Gloria Grahame) is living the life that was meant for Marian Washburn (Maureen O'Hara) and Ms. Washburn has just shot Ms. Caldwell
Marian Washburn feel like a Ray character but the rest of the picture is much flatter than his best work

Side Street - 1950 - Anthomy Mann
Part time mail carrier Joe Norson (Farley Granger) decides to steal some money from an attorny; he gets more than he bargined for.
With an opening ripped off from Naked City, th efilm attempts to use New York as a character. There is a murder every day we are told. Then the police assign hundreds of officers to work this one case. It does not fit with the how common the crime is.

Black Hand - 1950 - Richard Thorpe
A young Italian boy swears la vendetta after his father is murdered but a group known as the black hand. After spending 8 years in the old country, he is back in New York.
Gene Kelly plays off type in this hard boiled crime drama.

Armored Car Robbery - 1950 - Richard Fleischer
Dave Purvis has planned the robbery down to the last detail but shortly after the job starts thigs begin to go wrong.
All of the classic heist movie. Kubrick used a lot from this picture when he made The Killing.

Caged - 1950 - John Cromwell
A frightened young widdow is sent to prison for being an accessory to a robbery in which her husband was killed. After spending a few years with some friendly inmates and less friendly guards, she is release as a hardened criminal.
Eleanor Parker portrays the changes that a fist timer goes through marvelously. This film make a women's prison look like a lot less fun then the movies I used to watch on Cinemax.

Best of the Week: Caged - 1950 - John Cromwell


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